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I can recommend the appropriate style of quilting for your quilt based on your ideas and the final destination and use of your quilt. The type of batting and thread can also be considered at the same time.


Your quilt back and batting must be at least 8” longer and 8” wider than your quilt top. This will allow for 4” extra on each side for mounting the quilt and centering. Please remove all selvage edges on the backing seams; this can create puckering on the back of your quilt. Press and square your quilt top and back and remove stray threads. Mark top of quilt with a safety pin. If you prefer, you may send your fabric yardage with the quilt top, and I will piece, press and square it for you.

Piece, press and square backing $10
Press quilt top and seams $10
Add muslin to sides of backing to enlarge $10

Please note: I routinely press out fold lines and minor wrinkles prior to quilting at no charge; the above pressing fee is for those who do not press seams flat in the quilt top.


I have Quilter’s Dream Battings available for purchase to complete your quilts.  Quilter’s Dream Batting most popular battings are available in Cotton, Polyester, Cotton Poly Blend, Wool, Polyester Puff, and Dream Orient. Some of these battings are available in natural, white and black.  They also have a selection of weights to suite your comfort.  I am happy to assist you in selecting the perfect batting for you and your quilt.


Only high quality machine quilting threads are used. Thread choice is based on color, application, & use of quilt. I do not charge for solid colored threads, only specialty threads.

Variegated, specialty threads and multiple thread changes. $3 $5


Do you have quilts in your closet that just need borders? Perhaps a collection of blocks you just don’t think you’ll ever assemble into a top? The Completed Quilt can turn your unfinished projects into something you will use and enjoy! The Completed Quilt will pick up where you left off.

Machine Piecing      $15.00 per hour


Your binding is prepared from your fabric and machine stitched to the front of your quilt with finely mitered corners.

(per square inch)
Meandering and Simple Pantographs $.019-.021
Complex Pantographs $ .022-.025
Light to Medium Custom Quilting $.03-.05
Heavy Custom Quilting $.05 -.08
Quilting for Show To Quote

Minimum Quilting Charge:  $40.00

Calculating Quilting Cost:
Multiply the length of the quilt by the width of the quilt (in inches).  This number is then multiplied by the quilting cost.

Quilt measures 60” x 80”: 60 x 80 = 4800 square inches.
Then multiply 4800 square inches by the quilting cost, $.02 for an average pantograph for example.
This equals $96.00. This is the cost to machine quilt your top.


Your binding is prepared from your fabric and machine stitched to the front of your quilt with finely mitered corners.

(per linear inch)
Machine stitch to front of quilt only $ 0.10
Machine stitch to the back and front of quilt $ .17
Machine stitch to front, hand stitch to back of quilt $.30
Round/Scalloped edge quilts Quote
Sleeve for hanging $.25

Minimum Binding Charge $25.00

Calculating Binding Cost:
Add the length of the four sides of the quilt, in inches, and then multiply that total (linear inches) by the cost of the binding style chosen.

Quilt measures 60” x 80”: 60 + 60 + 80 + 80 = 280 linear inches.
Then multiply 280 inches x .10 = $28.00.  
The is the cost to machine stitch the binding to the top of your quilt.


A Quilt label will add a personal touch and a record of the who the quilter is, and the date the quilt was completed. If the quilt is a gift, make your sentiments permanent on the label for the recipient to reflect on for years to come.

Customized –  $20.00


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Payment: 50% at time of order; 50% before
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Quilts will be returned via USPS Priority with
$15.00 -$20.00 each.
* Please note prices are subject to change without notice.

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