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Professional Quilting Service

The Completed Quilt offers long-arm machine quilting, t-shirt quilts, quilt bindings, labels, and completed quilts for purchase. Quilt batting and backings are also available.

“Just love getting my quilts back from your gentle and kind quilting service.  I am so glad I found such a talented and gifted quilter!”
E. P.

This is My Story

Hello, quilters and friends! My name is Melissa Heys. I live in Peterborough, NH, a small rural town in southern New Hampshire. We moved to Peterborough in Autumn 2019 after spending 25 years in Pepperell MA, raising our family. I live with my supportive husband and close proximity to our three children and their families.
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Quilts make some of the best gifts for your loved ones. Contact me today to help you through the customization process.

The Completed Quilt is a professional quilting service providing high quality craftsmanship.